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Consumers Brewery

George Rochevot Spring & Cherry Sts. 1857-1871

George Rochevot, 993-1041 Jefferson St. 1871-1892

Lion Brewing Co. a.k.a. Lion Brewery 1892-1904

Consumers Brewery 1904-1920

After leaving Rhenish, Bavaria and coming to America in 1854, George Rochevot worked at breweries in St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Chicago before coming to settle in Buffalo. In 1857, Rochevot started his first brewery at the corner of Spring and Cherry Streets in Buffalo.1

You’ve heard of one-horse towns? Rochevot's brewery only had one horse and wagon to deliver his product.

In 1871 he constructed a larger brewery at 993-1041 Jefferson St. near Best St.

The Lion Brewery produced such brands as Celebrated Private Stock, Bohemian, and Export.

By 1891 the brewery employed 40 men and put out almost 40,000 barrels.2 Later the brewery would become known as "Consumer's Brewery" which closed for good at the onset of Prohibition.

Lion in the 1890's

Lion Brewery as it stands today


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