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 Jas. B. Erwin, Editor
The Influence of Public Opinion

    To bring this to bear against intemperance has been regarded by not a few as the chief method of subduing the evil.  Too much, I think, is hoped from it.
    One obvious remark is, that the classes most exposed to intemperance are removed very much from the power of public opinion.  But passing over this, I think we generally look to this influence for more than it can accomplish; we lay upon it a greater weight than it can bear.
    Public opinion may even work against the cause which it is meant to support, when made a substitute for individual exertion.
    A man, temperate because public opinion exacts it, has not the virtue of temperance nor a stable ground of temperance habits.  Opinion no longer affords steady guidance which in former times supplied the place of private judgment and individual principle.  There is no truth which sophistry does not assail, no falsehood which may not become a party bond. ...more>>

1802 -The Speech of Farmers Brother (04.22.02) "Brothers: As you are once more assembled in council for the purpose of doing honor to yourselves and justice to your country, we, your brothers, the sachems, chiefs, and warriors of the Seneca Nation, request you... more>>

1812 -A SPY CAPTURED! (02.19.02) On Friday the 24th [illegible]. it was rumored in this village, that a man by the name of ELIJAH CLARK, a subject of his majesty in Upper Canada, was on this side a few miles up the lake lurking about apparently as a spy... more>>

1812 -Duel at The Cold Spring Tavern; Main and Ferry Street (03.26.02) During the War of 1812, two off duty army soldiers fought it out "high-noon style" near the old Cold Spring Tavern: " ... more>>

1813 -Fort George Evacuated! (04.01.02) This post was evacuated on Thursday by the enemy! On Friday, we issued this intelligence in a handbill, which we now republish... On Thursday morning... 1000 men under the immediate command of Gen. Lewis ... more>>

1813 -Further Particulars of Commodore Perry's Great and Glorious Naval Victory! (09.23.01) Dear Sir, I expect you will have heard before this reaches you, of the victory obtained by Commodore Perry, over the British fleet, on Friday, the 10th in,[sic] near the head of the Lake. ...more>>

1813 Buffalo Burnt to the Ground! (06.01.01)
British Troops Burn Buffalo to the Ground!Daniel Brayman gives us his first hand account as he related it to his grandson, George D. Emerson, in 1864. more>>

1825 -MELANCHOLY WRECK (06.02.02) On Friday morning last, the schooner Good Intent, Capt. Talbot, came ashore in Buffalo Bay, below the Lighthouse, in a severe gale of wind; &, we regret to add, was totally lost with all the hands and the entire cargo. ... more>>

(06.17.02) Yesterday the celebration of uniting the waters of the Grand Erie Canal with the Atlantic Ocean took place, and a proud day it was for the city and state of New-York.....more>>

1825 - No. 2 Erie Canal.
Mr. Blodgett,As every circumstance in regard to the commencement, prosecution, and completion of the Erie Canal...more>>

1827 -Interesting Celebration
--On Thursday last, the "Buffalo Hydraulick Company" celebrated the partial completion of their works, by an entertainment to their friends & the citizens of the county generally. A very respectable assemblage did honour to the treat ...more>>

1827 -Buffalo Convention -Holland Purchase
Agreeable to notices given in every town in the district of country called the Holland Purchase, comprising the counties of Erie, Niagara, Orleans, Chautauque, Cataraugus, and Allegany. ...more>>

Windsor Palace, Dec. 15th, 1838 Dear Mr. Editor, I have received the papers you sent me, and after consulting Ma an Melbourne, have concluded to write you a letter.... more>>

1843 -Capital Punishment -- It's Social Responsibility.That, at which the better part of humanity revolts, it will be difficult to execute. No law odious from its barbarity, can long withstand the force and pressure of enlightened sentiment, and fair, sober discussion. Such a law is blood for blood ...more>>

1844 Anti-Slavery Society Meeting (06.01.01)
Erie Co. ANTISLAVERY SOCIETY. -The annual meeting of this society will be held at LODI, Wednesday and Thursday, the 13th and 14th of January next

(10.22.01) There is a place█well do we wot of it through the police may have never paid an official visit... near one of our principal hotels, where a dark, swarthy, bushy-browed looking man deals out liquor daily... more>>

1847 -Gambling Prostitution and THE FIVE POINTS (07.22.01)
We have recently had our attention called to this section of the city... this "infected district," assert, that never before since Buffalo has ...vice in all its forms been permitted to have full... more>>

1847 An Excitement A Slave Case (04.16.02) A man from Kentucky in quest of his human property, arrived in our city, and finding one of his chattels personal enjoying the largest liberty, seized upon him yesterday afternoon ...more>>

1857 -CANAL STREET IN '57 Gruesome Reminiscences of a Notorious Thoroughfare
(10.28.01) The schooner WAYNE, which was reported lost in the fierce storm of Wednesday night, came into port yesterday. She is the consort of the D.C. WHITNEY,...more>>

  Acknowledged by all to be the ne plus ultra. Cheapest in the world.  Easily applied; works to a charm.  Produces any shade that may be desired.  Restores grey hair to its original color; does not dry or scorch the hair ...more>>

1862 -THE BURNING OF ST. JAMES HALL, BUFFALO (05.08.02) One of the most destructive fires that has occurred in Buffalo for some years, took place on Monday night last, entirely consuming St. James Hall, ...more>>

Second New York Mounted Rifles.
The Best Chance to Enlist Yet Offered.No Knapsacks to Carry! No Hard Marches! The Governor has authorized the raising of a Regiment of Mounted Rifles, to meet the demands of Maj.General . ...more>>

1865 -The Funeral Cortege of Our Lamented President
The Funeral Cortege of our lamented President left Washington en route for Springfield, Ill., on Friday, and will pass through here probably between ...more>>

1865 Military History of the Eighth New York Heavy Artillery This regiment was raised in the counties of Niagara, Orleans and Genesee in August, 1862. It was organized as the One Hundred and Twenty-ninth New York Volunteer Infantry ...more>>

(11.18.01) A dispatch from Memphis mentions that, of two Negro's lately sentenced to death for murder in that vicinity, on named woods has just confessed to having ravished a young lady during the war ... more>>

1872 On Bridging the Niagara (08.26.01)
This second bridge is wanted by Canadian railways other than those which expect to use the first bridge. ...such a bridge would interfere with navigation... More>>

1872 Varieties (06.01.01)
-Strange to say, a negro minstrel most overflows with humor when he is corked up. -The velocity of the galvanic current in iron does not exceed 18,000 miles per second.

1872 Another Comet Coming (06.01.01)
What's next? As if the terrors of earthquakes, volcanos and tidal waves, as well as the threatened winding up of all sublunary things through the process predicted by the Millerites, were not enough

1872 Indian's Refuse Right of Way (06.01.01)
A correspondent of the Fredonia Advertiser writes that the Indians on the Cattaraugus reservation refuse to see the right of way for the Buffalo and Jamestown railroad

1873 Brewers Association Meeting (06.01.01)
The lager beer brewers of this city and vicinity held a meeting Tuesday, and organized under the name of "Bier Brauer Verin of Buffalo."

1873 Police Record (01.22.02)
The number of persons taken into custody by the police during the 24 hours ending yesterday morning was nineteen.

1875 -News and Other Items
Nine hundred entries have been made for the forthcoming Poultry Show at Buffalo. Miss Jeanette STANLEY, of Tonawanda, has been appointed postmistress of that village. The Buffalo ice companies expect to put in 60,000 tons of pure lake ice this season....more>>

1875 -The Progressive Batavian Batavia, (09.06.02)
Buffalo claims 60,000 German in its population of 135,000. ...more>>

1875 -Neighboring Counties:
Diptheria is raging in Brockport. Medina has 700 scholars on its school rolls. Cuba, Allegany Co., is afflicted with the small pox. ...more>>

1881- Cows Beheaded by Dynamite
Dynamite is very useful in blowing up rocks, Czars, and ocean steamships, and that it can be used for other purposes...more>>

1881 A Fearful Catastrophe.
One of the most terrible catastrophes which has occurred in this city for some time, happened about 9 o'clock this morning. The roof of the old Central depot on Exchange street ...more>>

1882 Morgan's Monument
The Unveiling Ceremonies Witnessed by a Large Crowd Who Listen to Able and Interesting Addresses Substance of the Speeches Proceedings at the Convention. ...more>>

1883 -The Work Elsewhere
From a long article in the 'Buffalo Courier' on the construction and progress of the West Shore railroad it is learned that good process is being made in grading and masonry east of that city, and several abutments for bridges are ready for the iron. Tonawanda creek on the Indian reservation will be ...more>>

Children Reared in Airless TenementsAre Like The Tenements Themselves THE AWFUL REVERE BLOCK ... J. F Schoellkopf, the millionaire tanner...more>>

1926 -Fire Destroyed Born's Brewery
It used to be said, in jest of course, that the city firemen "loved to run to brewery fires," and I possess a comic picture of a fanciful scene at a brewery fire,... more>>

1873 -Dug's Dive (07.01.01)
Dug's Dive was a drinking establishment that brings renewed meaning to the word dive. This place was literally below grade (located on Commercial Street just below the street level along the towpath of the Erie Canal). Dug's patrons would in effect have to take a 'dive down to the towpath level to enter Dug's more>>

1873 In the Canal (06.01.01)
About ten o'clock yesterday forenoon a horse and sleigh, belonging to Messrs.. Ripent & Keller, backed into the canal near the Erie street depot.

1881 - Reprehensible Conduct of Liverymen
(08.16.02) Under the above caption we find the following entry very timely and sensible communication in the Le Roy 'Times,' on the inpropriety of converting the best livery hacks and carriages into hearses. The attention of liverymen everywhere is called to the subject: " ...more>>

1883 -Sad Fate of an Old Hero (11.15.02)
James Lafferty, an old man of seventy years who has been in the Erie jail a drunken wreck, and whom the authorities of that city propose to turn adrift--"banished from Rome"--was the hero of . ...more>>

1889 -DEATH OF REAR ADMIRAL CHANDLER (07.01.02) A Washington dispatch announces the death of Rear Admiral Ralph CHANDLER, commanding the Asiatic squadron, which occurred at Hong Kong on Saturday last from apoplexy. Admiral CHANDLER was born in Batavia August 23d, 1829, and lived here during his boyhood. He was a son of Daniel CHANDLER,...more>>

1889 -BUFFALO'S BIG BLAZE (06.24.02) Over a Million and a Half Dollars Loss, One Fireman Killed, Others Injured. A most disastrous fire broke out in Buffalo at 2:45 last Saturday morning, proving to be the most extensive one that has ever visited that city. ...more>>

1889 -Division of Erie County The Daily News, of Bataiva, Genesee Co., NY December 31-1889 (07.14.02) There is talk again of a division of Erie County so that Buffalo may form a county all by itself. "The time will come," predicts the Rochester 'Herald,' ...more>>

1892 -Man Killed with One Punch (06.01.01)
In an instant he confronted Severson and in another, his sledge-hammer fists had felled the man to the floor. "...drinking, gambling and prostitution was commonplace along Buffalo's waterfront. " More>>






1892 -Death Dealing Blow An Independence Day Murder
(08.26.01) Frederick Lorgreen Kills Elias Severson in Moran's Saloon on Canal Street, by a Blow from His Bare Fist - A Woman was the Cause ...more>>

(10.07.01) Joseph Heide died after suffering intensely.
Autopsy Shows He Swallowed Enough of a Drug to Kill a Dozen Men-... more>>

--News from Rome is to the effect that the Pope has approved of the selection of the Rev. James E. Quigley to be Bishop of Buffalo to succeed the late Bishop Ryan. ...more>>

1897 -RAMBLERS' RUN TO LE ROY (07.08.02) Many Buffalo Wheelmen Went Over the Century Course Yesterday. ...the Hotel Richmond and the vicinity of the Court House park presented a lively aspect. Scores of dusty wheelmen and rows of wheels were in evidence, the occasion being the annual century run of the Ramblers' club of Buffalo... more>>

1899 Ticket Scalpers Arrested (06.01.01)
...Much laughter was caused by the act of the Rossow Midgets, who box three rounds to a knockout

1899 GANG LEADER ARRESTED The "King" of an Organized Gang of Thieves BROUGHT IN LAST NIGHT ...Arrested the Leader of a Gang of Hoodlums, who Have been Robbing the East Side...more>>

(10.11.01) North Tonawanda, May 29. -Anthrax, it is believed, has broken out in a large herd of cattle on the farm of Samuel White near Beach Ridge Station ...more>>:

(09.16.01) An address delivered in this city on May 6 by Emma Goldman, the Anarchist, is believed largely responsible for the attempt on the life of President McKinley.Miss Goldman spoke here....more>>

1901 Bootblacks Intoxicated (06.01.01)
John Lancer and Fred Pfeifer, bootblacks, descended the stairway leading to a poolroom on Washington Street near Seneca Street about 9 o'clock last night

(09.11.01) J.B. Parker, a colored waiter of New York City, employed at the Exposition ...was largely responsible for the Capture of Neimann. ...he was directly behind Neimann when the latter approached the President. ...more>>

1901 -Our President Shot Down
(09.06.01) September 6, 1901. Under the majestic dome of the Temple of Music, yesterday afternoon, a parricidal hand was lifted against the first of American citizens....more>>

(09.01.01) Flight of Pigeons, Bursting Bomb's and Tumultuous Cheers Greet the Nations Chief as He Speaks of the Countries Needs. ... more>>

1906 -B. REINSTEIN SCORES ONE ON ARCH-ENEMIES (05.26.02) Fresh from Penitentiary the Socialist Labor Leader addresses East Side Gathering and Piles [sic] Into Police.-- Without Permit and Glad of It--. ...sympathizing with Jews in Russia. Boris Reinstein. y... more>>

1912 -Kenmore Man Believed Lost in Wreck of the Titanic.
Harry Sutehall, who wrote his relatives he would sail on ill-fated steamer. It is believed that Harry Sutehall of 65 East La Salle street, Kenmore, was on board the ill-fated Titanic. ...more>>

1917 -Women Motor to Saratoga Conference
. Frank J. Tone of Niagara Falls is Piloting Western NY Delegation to Suffragists' State Convention... Buffalo suffragists began their automobile tour...more>>

Milburn Mansion Becomes Apartment House in Next Few Days. Hundreds Visited it Yearly. ...more>>

1920 Buffalo Makes Excellent Showing (06.01.01)
Govt. Official Praises Work of Local Elevators. Capt. N. Bernard Nelson, United States supervising inspector of steamboats was in Buffalo yesterday on his regular tour of inspection.

Five Buffalo Places Visited--Three in Tonawanda Called on...Coincident with sharp controversy over the enforcement of the Prohibition law in this vicinity came the raiding of five Buffalo saloons and three Tonawanda... more>>

1924 -MICKEY, THE CLAM MAN, SHUTS SHOP: Season has been a bum one and he put padlocks on door for the winter. (04.29.02) Mickey, the Clam Man, who for 40 Years, has had a stand in Commercial street now the Lloyd street bridge. ... more>>

1928 Authorities Invade Fisher Street Home (06.01.01)
Half a barrel of beer was seized when the raiders dropped into the Kensington Inn...more>>

1933 Foul Remarks (06.01.01)
It isn't the voice with the smile that always wins ask Louis Schlager, 32 years old, 162 Kilhoffer Street. He used "honeyed" words over the telephone to Mrs. Alinda Darstein

Larkin Warehouse Closes Few Minutes Before Word Comes From Utah of the Official End of the 18th Amendment. Possibility of release of a part of the flood of legal liquor stored in the Larkin company ... more>>

Gas station to replace hall where Cleveland was nominated mayor.(01.27.02) Historic old St. Stephens Hall, Franklin and Swan streets and The Terrace, is being torn down to make way for a gas station. ...more>>

1938 -The Falls View Bridge collapsed at 4:12 o'clock this afternoon. (08.15.01) With a roar that reverberated from the vast gorge, the huge structure sheared off cleanly from both approaches... "The bridge buckled first into the middle," ...more>>

1938 -Old German Section of Buffalo Holds Charm in Changing World (06.10.02) By Oviatt McConnell Michael ("Uncle Mike") Schiesel of Mulberry St., ripe and mellow as a good lagered brew, sat in his comfortable living room and looked back through more than four-score years with the satisfaction that only a neighborhood man can know. ...more>>

1938 -THE ORCHARD German Settler Recalls Gay, Simple Life (03.01.02) There probably were no lemon or orange trees, but those could have been thrown in for good measure....more>>

1945 -King of the Ring by Ed Dunn
He came out of Buffalo's old First Ward, starting as a long rangy kid in the Broadway auditorium, to become one of the smoothest, most efficient fighting machines in the world. ... Jimmy Slattery's murderous ...more>>

1948 1,000 Sing at Shelton Square at Christmas (06.01.01)
more than 1,000 persons joined for Buffalo's 30th annual carol-sing at Shelton Sq.

1951 Buffalo Called Tops in Racial Co-operation
(11.26.01) Urban League Hears Haverford Professor. Buffalo is unexcelled in the nation with respect to co-operation between the community and industry in surmounting racial barriers, ...more>>

1951 -U.S.-Canada CD Exercise Highly Rated
(09.16.01) First International Test at Falls Seen From 2 Countries
Courier Express Niagara Falls Bureau (09.16.01)
Niagara Falls, Aug. 23 --A mock bomb turned the heart of Niagara Falls industrial district into a make believe shambles yesterday, ... more>>

1952 Quinlan to Tour Tonawanda Plants in Fume Curb Effort
(11.04.01) John C. Quinlan, chief inspector of the city Smoke Abatement Bureau, announced last night he and Town of Tonawanda officials will tour three plants there tomorrow to determine what chemical byproducts ...more>>

(05.20.02) LOCATED in the heart of the world- famous Niagara region and at the gateway to Canada is Buffalo, New York. The city sits athwart one of the busiest crossroads of American commerce. ... more>>

1967 -Old House May Become Dream Home
Time and traffic pass by Alfred Ricciuti every day, but they have been unable to dent his enthusiasm for a dream, an ambition which even Alfred Ricciuti cannot explain. ... more>>

1967- Massive Action Urged King Says Negro In Economic Trap (02.10.02) American Negroes are trapped in, an economic depression more severe than the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ...more>>

1970 -Off-Campus Violence Flares 2nd Night on UB Perimeter (08.20.01)
Police Fire Shots; Tear Gas Chases Mob From Plaza May 7, 1970 -Violence erupted for a second consecutive night Wednesday as about 400 young people swarmed off the University of Buffalo campus ...more>>

1970 -New Violence Flares at UB
(11.12.01) University of Buffalo students throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails fought hit-and-run skirmishes with Buffalo and Amherst police on and in the vicinity of the Main St. campus...more>>


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