A History of the Descendants of
Karl and Veronica Schwerdfeger
(Schwertfeger) in the
United States

Family of Frank Carl and Julia (ne Schlee) Schwert, Buffalo, New York, 1894. Frank Carl was a son of Karl and Veronica Schwerdfeger (Schwertfeger), and he was among the first in the family to emigrate to the United States.

  • The Schwert Family - Introduction, with individual histories and photos of the descendants of Karl and Veronica Schwerdfeger in the United States.

  • Name Index - Quick access to individual histories. List is alphabetized by surname, then by given name.

  • Buildings and Sites - Places of interest to the history of the Schwert family.

  • Maps - Maps of historical importance in tracing the family histories, including maps of West Prussia (Westpreussen) and of Buffalo, New York, USA.

  • Links - Rich sources of information for those who seek to research further aspects of this family and its European origins.

  • Schwert Family Web Sites - Personal and commercial homepages associated with various descendants of Karl and Veronica Schwert.


Page donated by Donald P. Schwert. is the great great grandson of Carl and Veronica Schwert. We seek your assistance in helping us develop this family history. Correspondence can be mailed to: Donald P. Schwert, 1225 Oak Street N., Fargo, ND 58102-2706 U.S.A.

For purposes of privacy, it is the policy of to host information only on those family members who are deceased.

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